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The Authors

Mike Cameron

Author & Illustrator

Missy DeMille

Author & Marketing


Mike Cameron

Mike Is an avid and brilliant photographer with an eye for landscape and creative imagery! A thrill seeker and true kid at heart, he is also the proud father of Colby, Hailey and Logan and resides in his hometown near the seacoast of Mass. Mike is the inspiration behind the books, as a lineman for almost ten years.


He is also the owner of MX7 Photography & Design and a Barrett Sotheby's International Realty Agent. He enjoys traveling, spending time with family and co-creating new projects with Missy!  Life is never dull and he is always on to the next adventure! Mike the Lineman is one of his greatest adventures yet!

Missy DeMille

Missy is a true writer at heart! Helping people is a passion and it is evident in all her daily endeavors! Missy, mom to Gianna and Alexis, is also a Global Advisor for Barrett Sotheby's International in Lexington, MA and Premier Sotheby's International in Naples Florida.  Missy along with Mike cover and service their Real Estate clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the Gulf Coast of Florida! Missy lives in N.H., MA, & FL. and Real Estate has been her career for over 30 years and has two other books of her own in the works, along with several more in the MTL series!


Mike the Lineman was created with and through the inspiration of her partner Mike! Mike is the creative force behind so many things including the inception and direction behind Avenue North and all its marketing. Mike and Missy enjoy traveling, family and the constant co-creation and synergy that makes it all work!

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