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Our Mission

Most people never stop to think about the long hours and unbearable conditions linemen work in. Nor do they know the very real dangers and sacrifices these men and their families make. The MTL Foundation was created specifically to help Linemen who have been hurt in the line of duty.


These true first responders are rarely honored for the very necessary service they provide, in extraordinary circumstances and in extraordinary conditions.  When tragedy strikes, families are left to pick up the pieces. Through your support and donations to the MTL foundation can help ease the burdens of these families. The MTL foundation is a non profit organization and all donations collected will go directly to the families

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Need Assistance?

Are you a family that has experienced injury or fatality of a loved one on the job! The MTL Foundation was created with your needs in mind. Please write to us here and tell us about your lineman and your family!  May God Bless you.


Our history

Founders and contributors Mike Cameron and Missy DeMille created The MTL Foundation with the dream to give back to those lineman and their families who have been hurt on the job.


Why support us?

Next time your electricity goes out or a storm hits, stop for a minute and remember the men and woman who have been called at all hours to restore power to your home or business. The dangers they face are real and sometimes the unthinkable happens. Your donation of any amount will go directly to a lineman in need.

Non-Profit: MTL Foundation


Headquarters: Massachusetts

EIN: 88-168969

Missy DeMille: Founder / CEO


Mike Cameron: Founder / Executive Director

Target demographics:  Fallen or injured Journeyman Lineman, Apprentice Lineman, Utility & Construction Lineman, Groundmen, and their families

Geographic areas served: Nationwide


Programs: Financial Assistance, Emotional & Physical Assistance, Medical Assistance, Children's Scholarship Funds, Student Financial aid


42 for every 100,000 lineman are killed on the job each year


2,400 for every 100,000 lineman suffer serious non-fatal injuries each year

Electrical Lineman jobs are in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America

Support the brotherhood of Lineman

Donate today and make a difference

Help get the message out

Need Financial or Medical Assistance?

The last thing you need to be concentrating on in these times are bills! Let the MTL Foundation help relief some of the burden you've been faced with. Apply here for some financial assistance.

MTL Foundation 2022

a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

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